About The Brazil Blog

The land of Carnaval, soccer, sunny beaches, samba, the Amazon rainforest, and … biofuels. Beginning on May 23, a contingent of U.S. researchers, government officials, and American Chemical Society staff members will venture south to meet counterparts in Brazil for a 10-day tour of biofuels research centers and a concluding symposium. This seminal event is designed to encourage sustainable research collaborations among chemists in the U.S. and Brazil who have interest in converting biomass to fuels and chemicals.

Environmental Science & Technology’s Erika D. Engelhaupt and Chemical & Engineering News’s Stephen K. Ritter are tagging along. They will be posting daily dispatches of news and their observations of Brazilian science and culture.

One Response to About The Brazil Blog

  1. Mark C R UK says:

    I’m reading and watching with interest as many Europeans and people’s from other areas are. This will undoubtedly lead to many international collaborations in addition since many of these same issues are being looked at globally.

    There’s many issues particularly relating to retaining biodiversity and minimising environmental impacts that are of concern, but sharing of experience in this way is going to be highly useful to those involved and sets a long term precedent for the future development of the sector internationally.

    Any plans to continue the blog after the exchange in Brazil is over?

    Some nice to read posts, very topical and interesting things covered that could be used for the public at large…

    Best wishes from the UK,


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